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Digital Keystone video case study shows positive impact of deployment of Adaptive Portal to create Multrees Compass customer portal.

19 August 2016

Digital Keystone, which rolled out its state-of-the-art customer experience platform Adaptive Portal to Multrees Investor Services just a few months ago, has now produced a short video showing how Adaptive Portal worked so well for this thriving investor services firm.



Multrees uses Adaptive Portal to provide their online client servicing offering - Read more

Adaptive Portal enables financial services companies to modernise their online customer service offerings - enhancing customer experience and creating clear, simple and intuitive user journeys via PC, Smartphone and Tablet. It provides elegant user-interfaces for presentation of sometimes complex financial information as well as a framework for integrating third party systems, calculators and digital content.

Multrees used Adaptive Portal to help it bring together six existing, but previously under-utilised and disparate online service offerings, into one flexible and yet highly secure portal called Multrees Compass.

Compass offers Multrees wealth manager clients the ability to carry out any number of key tasks online including Custody & Portfolio Accounting, Capital Gains Tax Modelling, Portfolio Modelling & Management and Order Management, while keeping tabs on customer queries and extracting business intelligence from the collective investment data.

Multrees is now using a development license of Adaptive Portal to offer its clients their own- brand customer portals. Multrees will be able to develop these for their wealth manager and private family office clients at a time when many of them are looking to beef up their online customer service offerings to reduce administrative overheads, increase efficiencies and stimulate self-service.

Chris Read, chief executive of Dunstan Thomas, commented: "We are all very busy these days so it is great to be able to see, in just a few minutes, what Adaptive Portal has been able to deliver for Multrees; both in terms of enabling rapid roll out of Multrees Compass client servicing platform but also giving them the right technology platform to build online customer portals for its clients."

Digital Keystone became part of the Dunstan Thomas Group of companies in late 2015.

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