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Deregulation, coupled with environmental demands, technology advances and customer expectations have introduced both pressure and opportunity to worldwide utilities and energy suppliers. Customers, whether large industrial and commercial, SME or domestic demand fair pricing with managed environmental impact and the ability to control their energy usage through intelligence and information. Industry regulators and government initiatives are looking to address these pressures with more intelligent electricity networks via Smart Grid and Smart Metering initiatives.

This in turn means that utilities, both large portfolio suppliers and new entrants alike require technologically robust, scalable and functionally advanced operational software to meet the requirements of a fast evolving energy supply industry.

What we offer

Genstar4 Retail, built on Oracle database technology and the .NET framework is a highly configurable, adaptable software suite that covers the end to end energy supply process from Meter Data Management, Demand Forecasting and Pricing and Quotations through to Contract Management & Settlements, Trading and Risk Management.

Genstar4 Retail supports both interval and non-interval data for configurable periodicities (including HH and NHH) to cover any market as well as standard, pass-through, variable and exotic pricing components. As a configurable pricing engine, Genstar4 provides harnesses for users to develop bespoke cost calculation and pricing algorithms covering all cost types including wholesale energy, use of system charges, losses, imbalance charges and risk premiums, metering and settlement charges and levies. Accepted quotations trigger promotion to contract and the necessary registration flows prior to billing and potential contract amendments. The Genstar4 Trade Manager module automatically updates the traded position for aggregated demand of contracts which can be visualised through the Real Time Position Monitor and settlements calculated and reconciled against 3rd party invoices.

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