Singing Gorilla Projects launches the ‘Empower Her’ programme.

10 October 2019

In early October 2019, Singing Gorilla Projects launched the ‘Empower Her’ programme in Uganda, to help young girls whose education has been interrupted by pregnancy.

The Empower Her programme will start by restoring the confidence and building the self-esteem of these young girls, by providing the tools and knowledge needed to preserve their optimism and create a better world for themselves. By achieving this, these girls will be able to develop skills which will allow them to sustain themselves financially, giving them a platform from which to thrive.

Many young girls in Uganda face huge challenges, such as poverty, sexual enslavement, violence and HIV and AIDs. By helping these young girls to develop skills which allow them to become more self-reliant, the risk of any of these girls having their lives ruined by these issues is greatly reduced.

The Empower Her project already has a dedicated classroom in Rubuguri, equipped with hand-cranked sewing machines. The teacher, Kyorisiima Keredonia (pictured below), will provide classes in basket weaving, dress making and sewing skills, which will allow the girls to develop skills and generate income. In addition to this, the Empower project will hold regular seminars and tutorials from successful female role models, to inspire and help these young girls to make the most of the options available to them and therefore break the cycle of under achievement and early pregnancy.

The Empower Her project has already raised £1,600, an astonishing amount which quickly eclipsed the original target of £1,000. This money was raised through an event hosted by Luisa Partridge, Chief Administrative Officer at Dunstan Thomas and Trustee of Singing Gorilla Projects. This money has helped to buy sewing machines.

However, to continue to support this initiative, more funding is needed! If you wish to help, you can donate through the Empower Her page, or through the Singing Gorilla Donation page. The links for these pages are below.

This image displays the first batch of students – most are drop outs from secondary school, but one or two were previously primary school students.

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