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The Singing Gorilla Projects October 2015 trip

Dunstan Thomas's CEO Chris Read installs water tanks in a remote part of south west Uganda for Singing Gorilla Projects. Tanks have been sponsored by Dunstan Thomas as well as clients and partners of DunstanThomas such as Hargereave Hale, Platform Action and CWC.

Pictured is a water tank, sponsored by Dunstan Thomas that used to store harvested rain water. It is located in the village centre of Nkuringo, a remote village in the south west of Uganda close by to the Rwanda and DR Congo borders. Sitting at an altitude of 2200 metres, it is an area of challenging water supplies. These water tank facilities have been a transformation to the lives of the local communities.

Each tank costs £650 to purchase and install, which is a small amount of money to provide water for a community.

Singing Gorilla Projects has now installed over thirty water tanks, many of which have been sponsored through Dunstan Thomas. The water tanks are used to capture water harvested from rain water. The water tanks are installed as part of the Water Wealth Driving Health project. This has been a popular and transformational project for both locals and sponsors, since these installations provide a great opportunity for the community and sponsors to work together to install the tanks and enjoy each others company.

Three thousand (3,000) litre tanks are sourced and delivered from Kampala. After making the long journey from Kampala, the tanks are stored at the destination village strage area, The Nkuringo Gorilla Camp. The community Chairman decides upon the location of the water tanks and the community then gets involved in installing the tanks. The tanks are transported on foot to the installation location.Concrete is mixed, bricks are laid, the tanks are placed and to finish off, the gutters are positioned to direct the water flow from the rooves of buildings.

These projects have been transformational for the community. It's the job of the children to fetch the water. A three hour round trip to the stream in the valley, twice a day has now been replaced, with more time spent at school, improving their education and providing better choices in their lives.

Chris Read at the local school with the kids after a water tank has been installed.

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