Apps will be the past, they are the present, and will dominate the future

20 April 2015

64% of time of mobile users, spent that time on mobile apps. Gone are the days of email, Angry Birds and Solitaire.

A staggering 81 minutes per day is spent interacting with our mobile apps.  
With people checking their mobile device every 6 minutes, that is a lot of thumb action.
People prefer to use apps more, so that they use apps 6 times more than a corresponding web site.
Nearly 80% of mobile users make purchasing decisions through their device.
...And the velocity at which users purchase with a mobile device is infinitely quicker.
Apps are the norm in the business world.
Customer engagement is a business challenge that is delivered through mobile devices.
New developments include line of business apps.
Speaks for itself!
The iPhone seems to be the go to device.
Drowned by email? Mobile devices the platform for email.
We are creatures of habit.

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