How do we stack up in the age of the Four Great Convergences?

28 February 2016

Chris Read  - CEO at Dunstan Thomas

So here’s a thought, how does Fintech, retail financial services, the world of platforms, ISAs and pensions fit in the era of the “Four Great Convergences”. Let’s pause to think and see what these are:

Convergence 1
Between artificial intelligence and human intelligence
– with systems increasingly embodying “deep learning”, “hybrid intelligence” and even “artificial emotional intelligence” with the software knowing how to manipulate a user’s emotions. Can a machine have a mind, I think therefore I am?

Convergence 2
Between machine and human
– with smart technology evolving from mobile to wearable and then to insideable, and with the emergence of exoskeletons and other cyborg technology. Sim cards as implants for failing memories.

Convergence 3
Between software and biology
– with programming moving from silicon (semiconductor) to carbon (DNA), with the expansion of synthetic biology, and with the application of genetic engineering. The gateway to immortality and denying death. Is a radically longer life good for society?

Convergence 4
Between virtual and physical
– with the growth of augmented reality vision systems, augmented reality education via MOOCs (massive open online course) cryptocurrencies that remove the need for centralised audit authorities, and a general trend towards decentralisation. If like ledgers and transactions, you will love Blockchain.

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