‘Preparing for the Retail Distribution Review’ eGuide for providers and platforms

10 September 2012

Dunstan Thomas, published this week an 18-page Business Guide entitled ‘Preparing for the Retail Distribution Review’, following extensive research of pre, at and post-retirement product providers and platforms earlier this year.

Preparing for the Retail Distribution ReviewDunstan Thomas launches ‘Preparing for the Retail Distribution Review’ eGuide for providers and platforms
Dunstan Thomas’ RDR guide lays out the full findings of extensive research into providers’ and platforms’ ‘RDR readiness’. This research, published in full for the first time today, probed the mix of pressures faced by providers and platforms in the run up to the RDR deadline.

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Chief among these pressures was having systems in place for disclosure of ‘unbundled’ charges; detailing the impact of those charges on retirement product performance; and introducing new pricing mechanisms ahead of adviser charging.

Dunstan Thomas’ RDR guide also looks in detail at the many changes that providers and platforms need to make ahead of the RDR deadline in less than four months time. Key among these are:

  • Changes in mean projection rates
  • Introduction of asset-class based projections
  • Full unbundling of charges
  • Disclosure of the impact of charges on performance
  • Banning of most commissions and cash rebates (by the end of 2013)
  • Widening disclosure requirements to SIPP operators

The guide also looks at the likely direction of the platform market in more depth. It looks at the types of platforms that are likely to thrive in an RDR world. Dunstan Thomas predicts significant growth in both Direct to Consumer and workplace platform markets and examines the potential segmentation of the wrap platform market as it matures so that specific platforms will address specific types of customer at different stages of retirement.

Chris Read, chief executive, Dunstan Thomas explained: “Looking at our own research published in this guide and our own experience on the ground it is clear that some providers are struggling to cope with all the changes required and are only now beginning to hire technology experts like us to ensure their systems and documentation are RDR Ready.

“Our RDR guide is unusual in that we look at the challenges and potential market impact of RDR on providers and platforms rather than advisers who have been the natural focus of many recent studies over recent years. We hope it will help leaders of these companies make the necessary changes so they can take advantage of the post-RDR world. RDR offers real opportunities for firms that embrace its intentions as well as the technical changes it demands at outset.”

Notes to editors:
Free download location URL for the eGuide will follow to all media from late Thursday 6th September. Journalists that would like a copy of the guide are invited to go to the above link or call Miles Clayton on 01992 587 439. A blog discussion is also being started on this in Dunstan Thomas Imago Blog at Agility PR can also provide management summaries of the research and raw findings if preferred.

About Dunstan Thomas:
Dunstan Thomas is a leading retirement solutions provider offering a fully integrated range of components under the Imago brand. These components together provide the key back and front office administration tools needed by retirement product providers, third party administrators and financial advisers. Imago’s Front Office administration components include Illustrations, Reviews and stochastic models in Adviser Tools. Imago’s Back Office tools include Administration and Property.

Dunstan Thomas’ Imago offers a highly functional platform for servicing pensions products. It also enables wrap platforms to help them automate calculations, illustrations and streamline reporting requirements.

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