Software design for our industry is about creating solutions that are elegant, robust and scalable.

26 September 2014

Four new videos have been uploaded to the DT YouTube TV Channel - These videos were recorded by our sister company Dunstan Thomas Consulting Limited, to provide video tutorial material for software developers that are using modelling tools. Modelling tools are used to create software, so that it is elegant to use, robust and scaleable. At Dunstan Thomas we used Dunstan Thomas Consulting Limited to help us develop the Imago product range. Dunstan Thomas Consulting Limited also helps other financial services companies to develop software. They engage with their software development teams to provide training, consulting and mentoring services. They also get involved with development teams to see a software development through to completion.

The videos are:

Model Simulation technology
Code Generation
BPMN and Enterprise Architect
Diagram Filters in Enterprise Architect

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