Dunstan Thomas funds learning for the Bright Future ...

24 April 2015

Dunstan Thomas fund five laptops for the Bright Future School computer lab, in Nkuringo Uganda. The lab will open in May has been developed with Singing Gorilla Projects, a not for profit organisation sponsored by Dunstan Thomas.

The laptop installation is part of the SInging Gorilla Projects, Light to Read project, which is focussed on the provision of technology to help children learn. Project work includes installations of solar power, funding of text books and of the support for the computer lab. The computer lab under construction, in the picture below in March 2015.

Chris Read, CEO of Dunstan Thomas will be taking the laptops to the school, installing them and helping the teachers get familiar with the new Windows 8 machines. Chris is the picture below with four girls sponsored by Dunstan Thomas staff at the school.

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