Innovation Day (FedEx Day) for Dunstan Thomas is not only fun but is really very good ...

6 June 2015

Once or twice a year, for a designated 24 hours, the staff at Dunstan Thomas put aside their ususal workload and are allowed to go bonkers by focussing on developing or creating something out of the ordinary.

Richard Carey one of the developers on the Imago Front Office Version 5 projects says "FedEx Day lasts from 2pm on a Thursday to 2pm the next day. In those 24 hours, you get to develop anything you like. At 2pm on Friday, the presentations start. You get 10 minutes to present your project to the rest of the company. It’s called FedEx Day because a project must be delivered overnight. The winning project is decided by vote. Luckily my project won, by quite some margin I have to say. But in all seriousness, what I created will go forward to support the business by making licence renewal process much more simple for our clients and ourselves. So not only is fun, challenging and creative, there are some clear benefits for the business as well."

The image shows the staff being presented to, a shot of the winning project and the voting by planting scores in glasses.

Chris Read, CEO says "Dunstan Thomas has run FedEx days as far back as I can remember. The challenge for the business is to try and find the right time out of a very busy schedule of client work and deployments. Not everyone participates, if they have urgent deliveries for instance, but a fair few of the  staff like to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in. Its not just developers and technical people who particiapte, the sales and administration staff also get involved. Its a wonderful opportunity to have a setting where the staff can have fun and be really creative".

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