Imago Auto Engage - "Tech firm poised to pilot pensions dashboard"

4 November 2015

News from CityWire

Pensions technology firm Dunstan Thomas is set to pilot a ‘pensions dashboard’, which will aim to allow customers to view multiple workplace pension schemes in one place.

After showing a software prototype to providers over the summer and gaining feedback on the project, Dustan Thomas is set to work with a small number of large providers on a pilot in the first quarter of 2016.

Dunstan Thomas director of retirement strategy Adrian Boulding said: ‘We are ready to talk to them, to find a small group who would be keen to take this on as a live pilot with real customers.’

‘I want it to be of benefit to providers and customers, to reduce the cost of multiple benefit payments like we have at the moment. It’s not helpful to the customer or providers to have three separate providers sending them out statements, it’s a bit wasteful.’

Boulding’s hope is that the dashboard will have tools to help customers assess the effects of increasing contributions, changing retirement dates or altering their risk profiles.

However, dashboard users will still have to send instructions to their respective pension schemes to execute any changes.

The dashboard is intended to form part of the company’s Imago Auto-Engage adviser software.

Last month, life and pensions standards body Origo announced it would look to develop a pensions register, effectively providing the back office support for providers’ pensions dashboard.

‘I don’t think we’re the first to be thinking about this, but I hope we can be the first ones to have a solution,’ Boulding said. ‘We’re going to talk to as many providers as we can, ask how much of their business they would like to bring to the pilot.’

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