Dunstan Thomas celebrates 30 years in software

5 May 2016

Dunstan Thomas celebrates 30 years in software With Dinner for 70 at the Goodwood Hotel, West Sussex Portsmouth-based IT company Dunstan Thomas celebrated 30 years in software and IT consultancy in style with dinner at the Goodwood Hotel near Chichester last Thursday 5th May. More than 70 employees, ex-employees and their partners joined the dinner which marked the 30th anniversary of a business that was started by chief executive Chris Read in a garage in 1986 and has never stopped growing every year since.

Early assignments including working with Racal to develop software designed to power Token Ring networks and partnering with IBM to develop its graphical user interface called Presentation Manager that sat in front of its successful operating system called OS/2.

The business moved into its first business premises in the Portsmouth Enterprise Centre in 1989 when headcount doubled to four. Today the Gunwharf Quays–based IT firm employs more than 50 people. Dunstan Thomas offers a suite of software offerings to pensions world under the product brand Imago; a wholesale energy trading software suite called Genstar4; and runs a highly successful IT consultancy business serving the likes of Waitrose.

Its first assignment in the financial services market came in 1996 when it was asked, by market leading SIPP pension provider James Hay, to deliver an illustrations system for its corporate partners. That system became the starting point for Imago Front Office, which was formally launched in 1998. Imago Back Office followed in 2007. When asked about the challenges of building a business then and now, Chris Read is emphatic: “In those early days it was about building a consistent and reliable sales pipeline which we could deliver on. Now it’s more about finding and keeping the right people with the right skills, as well as anticipating customer requirements in more complicated, fast-paced and demanding marketplaces.”

Dunstan Thomas completed its first major acquisition earlier this year. It bought Hemel Hempstead-based Digital Keystone Limited which provides cutting-edge portal and workflow technology solutions to the financial services market. Its flagship offering, Adaptive Portal, provides users with highly configurable, scalable dashboard solutions offering state-of-the-art user experiences and potential for strong customer engagement.

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