Dunstan Thomas launches Pensions Dashboard Guide

13 May 2016

The retirement solutions specialist, Dunstan Thomas, has published a free 24 page business guide detailing providers’ and advisers’ challenges and opportunities presented by Pensions Dashboard. The Government recently mandated establishment of a Pensions Dashboard by 2019. City Minister Harriet Baldwin has been tasked with championing the project after her boss, George Osborne, gave it his full backing in his spring Budget.

The Dunstan Thomas ‘Pensions Dashboard’ Business Guide provides the historical backdrop to the Dashboard as a technology solution to the problem of getting all retirement savings information in one secure place online. The guide helps explain why the idea has garnered so much support from industry bodies, HM Treasury, the Department of Work and Pensions and technology providers alike. It also offers tips for using the dashboard to stimulate deeper customer engagement.

The momentum for building an online pensions dashboard accelerated following the demise of the automatic consolidation for auto-enrolled pensions idea called ‘pot follows member’, shortly after last year’s General Election, when the key champion of this idea Steve Webb lost his seat and his job as pensions minister.
The guide is written by industry luminary Adrian Boulding in his capacity as Director of Retirement Strategy at Dunstan Thomas. Boulding explains what it covers:
“We wanted to create a single source of information for senior managers working inside providers tasked with making investment and technology decisions about how to support the Pensions Dashboard. Dunstan Thomas can design and build modern, mobile-friendly, online tools within the Dashboard to stimulate customer engagement – all with a view to delivering better retirement outcomes.”

The Dunstan Thomas ‘Pensions Dashboard’ Business Guide can be downloaded free from Dunstan Thomas’ website by going to:

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