Multrees spots strong demand for online customer servicing amongst wealth managers

19 September 2016

Leading provider of portal technology to the investment community Digital Keystone, has enabled Multrees Investor Services (Multrees) to realise its vision of providing fully-functional online customer service portals to its wealth manager and private family office clients.
Multrees has already deployed Digital Keystone's flagship Adaptive Portal solution in order to modernise and streamline its own online client administration suite now called Multrees Compass.

Multrees has gone on to use an Adaptive Portal development license to build client service portals for several of its wealth manager clients. The first of these will go live later this year.

Digital Keystone's Adaptive Portal was recently deployed as the technology platform for Multrees Compass. Multrees Compass offers Multrees wealth manager clients a range of online administrative services including Custody & Portfolio Accounting, Capital Gains Tax Modelling, Portfolio Modelling & Management, Order Management, Business Intelligence tools and Customer Enquiry systems, all via a single, highly engaging portal.

 Following the success of the four month implementation, Multrees used an Adaptive Portal development license to enable it to build client service portals for its wealth manager clients.

Jaco Cebula, Chief Technology Officer at Multrees, explained the value of using Adaptive Portal as the technology platform for Multrees Compass: "The idea was to provide a single look and feel to a wider range of back office administration functions. Adaptive Portals design means we can upgrade and improve back office systems in the background, without disturbing our clients experience of the front-end tools sitting within Multrees Compass. This layered IT architecture approach is great for ensuring continuity of service for our clients and, by extension, their customers."

Multrees Compass has enabled clients to self-serve, simultaneously cutting overheads and reducing operational risk because Multrees staff are no longer regularly part of the investment paper trail as clients complete an increasing number of transactions via the portal direct.
Furthermore, Multrees Compass has enabled Multrees to reduce the amount of time and resources it spends servicing its customers by phone, email, fax and post. Much of the paperwork that might be needed by an adviser preparing for a customer review meeting, for example, is now downloaded via the portal.

Jaco Cebula added: "We are spending a lot less time assembling paperwork and running consolidated reports for our clients now. This frees us up to offer our clients value-added services and help them meet their own digital services requirements. We can help them to support their customers better. This helps us gain and retain their loyalty, giving us a sound platform for further growth."

Jaco Cebula explained why Multrees also purchased the Adaptive Portal development license "We noticed that many wealth managers are struggling to offer modern online services to their customers. Ideally they want to provide the sorts of online customer service experience that D2C platforms already offer, all in a cost effective manner. What the Adaptive Portal framework gave us is the ability to build highly secure online portals for our clients which meet their brand guidelines and other very exacting servicing requirements - all within a limited budget."

Ihab El-Saie, director of Digital Keystone, summed up: "What is good for Multrees is clearly great for us. Multrees is using Adaptive Portal as a state-of-the-art investment management portal - helping them to reduce the cost, while increasing the functionality of services associated with the administration of over GBP 9bn of clients assets. Furthermore, insights gleaned from implementation of Adaptive Portal here at Multrees, as well as within our growing customer- base, make it possible for us to continually expand its functionality for the benefit of all Adaptive Portal users."

The widespread drive for customer engagement, combined with the need to find new efficiencies and offer greater transparency, all while differentiating advisory services, are combining to drive wealth managers to look at supporting their customers with modern and highly secure online servicing portals.

Portals can be used to serve customers with market updates, tax statements, advisory notices and portfolio performance updates. They can even be used to stimulate all-important financial check-ups when the time is right.

A video explaining the Multrees-Adaptive Portal project is here. Digital Keystone became part of the Dunstan Thomas Group of companies in late 2015.

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