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Platform Action Services: Customer Experience Optimisation


Optimising Customer Experience

The Platform Action Improve services enables you to optimise and improve your Customer Experience. The service is designed through a set of six stages from benchmarking through to contact centre observation and online web journey reviews.


CX Evaluation Report
The Improve service provides rapid, yet comprehensive and independent evaluation of your company’s capability and organisational readiness to deliver a great Customer Experience with over 100 metrics across seven key areas that drive Customer Experience.


CX Benchmark Scores
The Improve service provides an industry benchmark for Customer Experience. This enables you compare your company against performers in each of the seven categories. The benchmark will help you understand where you are and where you need to be.


Observation Data
The Improve service provides on-site measurement of phone call interaction data, reviews of digital journeys including web usage, chats, and email communications. The service provides techniques and skills to provide data and insight into the areas where you need to improve so that you can deliver a business-winning customer experience.


Failure Demand Report
The Improve service provides a thorough analysis of your customer interaction data. The service involves examination of your systems and processes to uncover the drivers behind the inefficiencies of failure demand. The service will provide actionable insight into why your customer experience is failing to meet expectations, driving customers to contact you or move to your competitor.


Agreed Action Plan
The Improve service provides a detailed, data-driven action plan, built from the insights gathered. Platform Action will focus on the quick wins and prioritise achievable changes that will make the most positive impact on your customer experience.


Improved Outcomes
The Platform Action consultants and practitioners will stand alongside you to help implement the action plan. Whether you need programme management, on-site guidance or quality control, Platform Action will augment your team to ensure you have the best outcome.

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