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Platform Action Services: Customer Experience Optimisation

Improvement - Platform Optimisation

CX Evaluation & Benchmarking

A rapid, but deep review into the processes and outputs of your organisation and their alignment to CX principles.

Customer experience factors are the key differentiator for advisors in their choice of platform (over and above charges), yet it is difficult to know where best to spend time and effort to ensure the best return on investment. Platform Action have developed a lightweight methodology that measures and reports back in seven specific areas of your customer experience capability, combining over a hundred individual metrics.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce risk of churn by identifying biggest areas of customer concern
  • Smarter investment in CX

What you get

  • Individual assessment report
  • High level action plan
  • Industry benchmark

Contact Centre Observation & Insight

A deep analysis of the operational efficiency and effectiveness of call centres, including on-site immersion and measurement.

Customer interactions with contact centres are ‘moments of truth’ that can shape the relationship between you and your customers or end them. Not only this, but efficiency of these units is most often the major factor in the ‘cost to serve’ your customers. From the inside it can be hard to analyse objectively where things are going right and wrong. Statistical analysis combined with experienced insight delivers improved outcomes.

Key Benefits

  • Real data on your clients and their reasons for contact
  • Prioritise areas for optimisation
  • Improved client experiences

What you get

  • Analysis of 500+ calls
  • Detailed analytics
  • Customer journey failure points identified
  • Extended action plan

Online Journey – Expert Review & Insight

Analysis of the online user experience from the perspective of the customer, delivered by customer interaction experts.

User testing is a critical activity to understand where interaction is failing, however it can be expensive, difficult and slow to get started. Organisations often feel defensive about opening to these activities, particularly prior to launch of a new platform. While we would strongly recommend user testing as an approach, the expert analysis can give companies a leap forward.

Key Benefits

  • Accelerate UX improvements
  • Save money on user testing for the fundamental issues

What You Get

  • A detailed journey by journey report into potential customer sticking points
  • List of quick innovations and updates
  • Priorities for future user testing

Online Journey Design

Enhancing customer journeys through creative cutting-edge designs.

Customer experience should be at the fore in the design of your new online journeys. Keeping up with trends in user interaction design is hard for large companies. Despite marketing differentials, many platforms end up looking similar. Differentials are lost and services can already feel tired at launch.

Key Benefits

  • Up to date interfaces while saving time on re-invention
  • Preserve proposition differentiators
  • Design for web and mobile

What You Get

  • Wireframe journeys that meet requirements & are focused on user success
  • Site templates for future use
  • Fully compliant with your brand

Digital Style Guide

Creation and definition of a set of guidelines for a brand-aligned digital experience, linking with existing print and general brand design guidelines.

Traditional brand guidelines often require tailoring for online transactional experiences as digital constraints offer opportunities for dynamic interactions that reach beyond the basic brand representation. Even agency-created digital brand design bibles tend to cover only static website content and do not specify a framework for user interaction.

Key Benefits

  • Design once and save time
  • Consistency helps with familiarity and usability
  • Digital experiences that ‘feel like yours’

What You Get

  • A digital brand bible
  • Quick win brand alignments for existing online properties
  • Navigation, data capture and interaction

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