imago automation

Imago Automation; the Challenges

Data from multiple sources has to be combined in order to perform the calculations required to produce annual statements. This data will often be in different formats, and arrive at different times, requiring a tool capable of storing, combining, validating, calculating and then generating and securely distributing the statements.

Manual processing activities can be costly and difficult to plan for, due to the “peaks and troughs” nature of bulk processing. Any tools that help move the burden from man-hours to server-time have the opportunity to make significant savings in both processing time and costs.

Human error is ever-present, where large amounts of data processing involves significant manual activities. Process automation can save you time, money and reputational risk.

Brand consistency can be hard to maintain where a customer receives multiple documents generated from multiple systems. The ability to deliver “All-in-one” statements helps to maintain brand image, delivering consistency that your customers will appreciate.

A digital world needs systems that deliver the information a customer wants where and when they choose, in a format that suits them. Modern, mobile-first solutions with customer engagement at their core require scalable, cloud-ready solutions built for big data.

Imago Automation; the Benefits

Imago Automation is designed to help you streamline your bulk statement production by integrating your systems reducing risk time and costs.

Imago Automation is designed around six key services:

  • The Loader Service is responsible for consuming all of your different data sources.
  • The Mapper Service translates incoming data formats into a standardised model for calculation processing.
  • The Runner Service performs all of the bulk annual benefit statement calculations processing.
  • The Reporter Service will generate all of the bulk annual statement outputs.
  • The Distributor Service is designed to deliver the annual statement to the customer, through PDF document generation, email notification, on-device or via push-notification.
  • The Analyser Service interacts with your data at every step of the statement production process, providing rich insights into your customer data.

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