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Pensions IT

Pensions IT is the Dunstan Thomas development service pension providers use to run their IT departments. Some providers may have their own specialist pension policy administration systems. Pensions IT is a service to support and develop these systems. The Pensions IT service delivers experience and insight into platform and provider systems, to enable efficiencies to be made and costs driven down.

Dunstan Thomas has unique experience and expertise in the market as it has delivered the Imago platform to platforms and providers both in the UK and outside of the UK. With Pensions IT, Dunstan Thomas understands the challenge of managing and keeping systems innovated and regulatory compliant within the fast changing financial services market of the pensions freedoms world.

The Penions IT service is delivered through an experienced team working together as partners to get the best out of projects. The services cover all aspects of the project lifecycle, so as to ensure that Dunstan Thomas’ experience with outsourcing allows us to provide a cost effective method of developing and supporting your needs.

Dunstan Thomas ensure that all projects are scalable across devices, to provide the best experience possible.

Dunstan Thomas powers efficiency drive at Mattioli Woods.

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