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About Us

Creating Clarity from Complexity

Dunstan Thomas provides business services and technology solutions for the financial services market, as well as technology consulting and software development services across other markets.

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Dunstan Thomas

Financial Technology

Delivering technology solutions and services for wealth managers, platforms and providers. Making complex interactions easier to manage and understand with exceptional user experiences.

Imago software provides integrated solutions for modelling tools, illustrations, dashboards, automation and policy administration systems. Integro CX is a portal framework delivering exceptional customer experiences. Consulting services designs, implements, manages and improves platforms and propositions in the financial services market.

Markets Clients

The Financial Services



Imago software solutions designed for the financial services market, providing integrated solutions that provide savings and retirement modelling tools, illustration and review systems, automation, client portals, dashboards, and policy administration systems.

Integro CX

An award winning portal solution with unlimited third party integration capabilities, workflow technology and a controllable API. Integro CX delivers portal and dashboard technology solutions for the bespoke needs of wealth managers, platforms and providers.



Dunstan Thomas provides consulting services to clients across the financial services market. Be it, bringing new product propositions to market, to working with you through the complexities of delivering and running platforms.

Data Services

Dunstan Thomas, part of the Curtis Banks Group, has developed its brand and reputation through the quality of its software and solutions and its highly experienced and knowledgeable team of pensions and platform market specialists.


Third Party Administration & Outsourced IT

The Dunstan Thomas TPA team are exceptional administrators, experienced from years working in the SIPP, pensions, investment and platform markets. Products are administered on Imago and Integro CX technology.

Outsourced IT is the software development service designed for the financial services market. Outsourced IT services support and develop investment and administration systems built by in-house technical teams.

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Dunstan Thomas

Consulting Services

Technology solutions for a broad spectrum of customers around the world.

Dunstan Thomas Consulting provide training course and consulting services covering an extensive range of tools and products, alongside over 30 years of experience in delivering software application development.

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