Due to popular demand, Dunstan Thomas hold a second review of the SSAS Market

24 Jun 2021

SSAS Market Review: Part Two

The session, which took place on Thursday 24th June, focused on exploring the merits and pitfalls associated with recommending switches between SIPP and SSAS pension schemes. What are the circumstances which make this switch a good recommendation and when should it be resisted?

On our expert panel, returning from the successful first webinar was:

  • Claire Trott, Chair of AMPS & Head of Pensions Strategy, Technical Connection
  • Nathan Bridgeman, Co-Founder & Director, WestBridge SSAS
  • Iain McCallum, Technical & Compliance Manager, Yorsipp
  • Adrian Boulding, Director of Retirement Strategy, Dunstan Thomas

The panel anonymously explored a variety of scenarios that involved switching from one to the other and provide the technical pros and cons of doing so. The session also explored the tax ramifications associated with such moves – covering areas like Death Benefits and Pension Lifetime Allowance considerations.

Watch the Webinar here:

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