Dunstan Thomas works with clients in the adviser platform markets, investment and retirement provider markets, guaranteed income markets, risk and insurance markets and the wealth management markets.

Dunstan Thomas provide technology solutions and services for the unique needs of wealth managers, platforms and providers by making the complex interactions in financial services easier to manage and understand. Dunstan Thomas products, services and outsourcing services are delivered throughout the lifecycle from client advice and on boarding to management, optimisation and re-engagement.

Non-Advised Market

The Dunstan Thomas non-advised market software tools are designed to support providers that want to engage clients but also know they need to have a robust disclosure regime and data infrastructure. These tools need to accommodate a non-advised, need for simplicity, clarity and guidance when selecting and reviewing investment products online.

Advised Market

Combining an aging demographic, consumers with changing financial behaviours and changes that the advised sector is experiencing means that software solutions must be ever more configurable, flexible and powerful to meet the unique needs of the market. Imago works with the Advised Market to enrich user engagement and experiences and to enable greater control to differentiate and to provide more choices.

Group Market

Auto-enrolment and pensions freedoms has created a new price sensitive market for the Imago product family to augment, renew and refresh legacy or new technology, delivering faster, lower risk solutions. Imago delivers greater efficiencies to create more productive environments and drives costs lower to enhance profitability.