Charity & Community

Dunstan Thomas supports national, local and international charities and community initiatives.

Singing Gorilla Projects

The Singing Gorilla Projects was setup by Dunstan Thomas CEO Chris Read in 2014 to provide help to a remote rural community in south west Uganda.

Singing Gorilla Projects are a charity that provides community based projects that give people choices so that they can enrich their own lives and improve the welfare of their communities in a creative and sustainable manner. Singing Gorilla Projects has been working in Nkuringo, a village in Uganda with no electricity or running water. Singing Gorilla Projects have set up a music school, installed water tanks, sponsored children to continue their schooling and has built a community health clinic and service.

The projects are:

  1. Music School Projects - the village, Nkuringo, has its own thriving music school with over 50 students performing music and drama.
  2. Community Projects - "Water Wealth Driving Health" project installs water tanks to capture rain water for drinking and washing, in a part of the world where there is no running water.
  3. Education Projects - school building and infrastructure projects as well as child sponsorship for schooling .
  4. Health Projects - a community health clinic and service have been provided supported with medical staff.


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National & Local

Dunstan Thomas support a wide variety of charities including national initiatives such as MIND and Breast Cancer Now, alongside charities much closer to home.

To help raise money for these initiatives, Dunstan Thomas regularly hold small events including cake sales, quizes and other themed events. In addition, many DT employees have taken matters into their own hands and raised money by undertaking an impressive feat, such as marathon running, abseiling or cycling.

The money raised by staff at these events is then matched by Dunstan Thomas.