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The Pensions Dashboards Programme

Imago Connect is Dunstan Thomas' Pensions Dashboards ISP solution

The UK government’s Pensions Dashboards Programme will allow users to securely access their pensions information digitally, using only a single touchpoint. The Pensions Dashboards Programme is now well underway, progressing in a phased approach towards the new PDP connection deadline of 31st October 2026, with pension providers and schemes starting to connect from April 2025.

Both pension schemes and providers must demonstrate that they have taken guidance regarding connection when preparing to connect to the pensions dashboards central architecture, so it is important to understand your staging date and obligations. Dunstan Thomas’ dedicated team have a vast wealth of experience to help support you through your journey to pensions dashboards compliance.

Pensions Dashboards ISP

Imago Connect is Dunstan Thomas’ Pensions Dashboard Integrated Service Provider (ISP) solution. Imago Connect is a cloud hosted, fully compliant dashboard solution, responsible for connecting pension schemes to the pensions dashboards central architecture, while meeting the challenge of volume, speed and security.

As a Cyber Essentials accredited software developer, Dunstan Thomas have evaluated and mitigated each touch point in the ISP solution to ensure the highest level of data security.

Imago Connect consists of two main components: the ISP, and the Portal. The ISP has five subcomponents, all of which have been implemented as microservices and utilise queues to ensure they can scale up and down to meet demand in an efficient manner.

  • Import Manager. Actively monitors the SFTP for new pension data and automates the controlled import into the secure ISP data vaults.
  • Find. Find covers both the external interface and internal scalable search service that looks for matches. 
  • Resource Manager The resource manager is responsible for securely registering found pensions with the dashboard.
  • View. View covers both the external interface and the internal scalable authorisation and view services.
  • Reporter. The reporting component produces internal and external reports from the event monitor, which audits Imago Connect.

The web portal enables pension providers to self-serve aspects of pension dashboard usage.

Why choose Imago Connect as your Pensions Dashboards ISP?

Fully compliant

Imago Connect is fully compliant with the pension dashboard standards.


Imago Connect is developed with our extensive experience of building high throughput cloud based applications.

Cost effective

for meeting your pensions dashboard obligations.


Your data is securely held in a controlled, segregated manner.


Imago Connect offer the resilience, robustness and scalability to ensure tough PDP SLAs are met.


Imago Connect offers tailored matching rules.

Our dedicated team will support you through the journey of understanding the legislation and ensuring you are compliant. Please connect with us below for more information on our Pensions Dashboards ISP Solution.

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