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Contact Us Secure web services: Microservices for Cloud Native Deployment The Innovi Web Services framework is Dunstan Thomas’ collection of pre-built microservices using best of breed design principles, built specifically for cloud native deployment. Innovi Web Services utilise Microsoft’s Azure platform, to harness the full power of Service Fabric to ensure web services are secure, resilient, scalable, performant, and highly maintainable.

Innovi Web Services gives confidence that solutions built on the framework are able to cope with the demands expected of modern applications.

The following Dunstan Thomas products are powered by Innovi Web Services:

Imago Automation is built on Innovi Web Services Framework

SaaS bulk processer designed to help streamline the processing of bulk data with built in document generation capability.

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Imago Connect is built on Innovi Web Services  - a framework of microservices

Secure and easy to integrate Integrated Service Provider (ISP) solution for pensions dashboard connection.

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Imago Tools build on Innovi's secure web services

Powerful calculation and modelling engine with a collection of pre-built tools to support the advice process.

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12 May 2023

Why cloud computing is crucial to pensions dashboard success

One of the key reasons companies are migrating their core software applications to cloud is scale. Cloud computing scalability is like a motorway with multiple lanes that can be opened or closed depending on the level of traffic flow.

09 Mar 2023

Pensions Dashboards Delay: Less risk in rollout

The day one reaction to pension minister Laura Trott’s announcement about the delays for pensions dashboards was understandably one of frustration. But on calmer reflection, it is a decision that will bring us some benefits and had probably become inevitable.

24 Feb 2023

Dunstan Thomas are pleased to see 7IM achieve success with their retirement income strategy

Dunstan Thomas are pleased to see 7IM achieve success with their retirement income strategy. Dunstan Thomas has been a long-term partner developing technology solutions for 7IM

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