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Streamline data capture effortlessly

Integro CX Form Builder utilises key components of the Integro CX framework to provide a powerful and secure environment for users to create, distribute and complete forms online.


ICX Form Builder is authenticated using the ICX authentication options such as username and password or third party authentication.

Form creation

Easy to use UI allowing authorised users to create new forms or edit and publish draft forms.

Pre-defined field types

Create online forms using the Integro CX component library.

Formatting and validation

Form Builder utilises the attributes associated with the Integro CX components to facilitate formatting and validation.

Form management

Save forms as draft for editing prior to publishing. Published forms can be distributed securely.

Form completion

Secure access to the forms to complete and return to the form distributor.

Completed forms

Completed forms can be viewed, downloaded or integrated with back office systems with some additional custom development.


Forms can include our eSignature component to capture either Simple and Advanced Electronic Signatures (SES and AES).

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