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Contact Us Dunstan Thomas' profit extraction calculator is designed to help company directors work out the best option for taking their gross profit out of their business Powered by Innovi Web Services

Developed using the Innovi Web Services framework, Imago Tools are a Dunstan Thomas managed service that provides cloud-based advice tools and can be easily embedded as widgets into any financial providers website.

Whilst Dunstan Thomas have pre-built tools, the underlying calculation engine allows new and enhanced calculations to be easily added using the same robust framework.

Salary Sacrifice

Adviser tool highlighting the tax advantages of boosting pension contributions via Salary Sacrifice.

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Dunstan Thomas' Salary Sacrifice Calculator
Dunstan Thomas' Annual Allowance Calculator

Annual Allowance

Adviser tool to calculate the maximum current tax year pension contribution allowable without incurring additional tax charges.

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Profit Extractor

Adviser tool designed to assist company directors in understanding their profit distribution options.

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Dunstan Thomas' Stochastic Modelling Tool

Stochastic Modeller

Create insight by simulating multiple scenarios to model cashflow based on probability and mortality.

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24 Feb 2023

Dunstan Thomas are pleased to see 7IM achieve success with their retirement income strategy

Dunstan Thomas are pleased to see 7IM achieve success with their retirement income strategy. Dunstan Thomas has been a long-term partner developing technology solutions for 7IM

27 Jul 2022

Curtis Banks' Salary Sacrifice Calculator a strong success

Curtis Banks' Salary Sacrifice calculator page is now the second biggest driver of search engine traffic to the Curtis Banks website with over 2k visits per month.

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