Imago Automation

Imago Automation, pensions automation software solution, streamlines SMPI and annual benefit statement production Powered by Innovi Web Services

Imago Automation automates process to deliver greater efficiencies, to create more productive environments. Imago Automation has been designed to help streamline process that requires data handling from one or multiple sources, computational activity, reporting, digitising and analysing. Processes such as the production of annual pensions statements or the delivery of electronic statements are typical process that Imago Automation would execute.

Imago Automation has six key services that process the automation:

Imago Automation automates SMPI and annual pensions statements production
  1. The Loader Service is responsible for consuming all of your different data sources.
  2. The Mapper Service translates incoming data formats into a standardised model for calculation processing.
  3. The Runner Service performs all of the bulk annual benefit statement calculations processing.
  4. The Reporter Service will generate all of the bulk annual statement outputs.
  5. The Distributor Service is designed to deliver the annual statement to the customer, through PDF document generation, email notification, on-device or via push-notification.
  6. The Analyser Service interacts with your data at every step of the statement production process, providing rich insights into your customer data.

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