Portsmouth News: financial technology firm Dunstan Thomas supports homeless charity

17 Oct 2023

Portsmouth-based financial technology success story Dunstan Thomas has decided to make a commitment to the less fortunate living in Portsmouth and Southsea where the firm has been based since it was founded in 1986.

Luisa Partridge, director at Dunstan Thomas who helped select the local charity to back, said: “Most of the employees of Dunstan Thomas, based at Lakeside North Harbour, Portsmouth, live close by. So, it made sense for us to commit to supporting a worthy cause in the local community. After much discussion, we chose the inspirational LifeHouse, based in Southsea, which is a free food kitchen, resource and support centre for the homeless.”

Every Wednesday, the local charity serves a hot breakfast in its Southsea centre to up to 100 homeless and unhoused in the area. To date, over 30 per cent of Dunstan Thomas employees have volunteered to support the LifeHouse breakfasts.

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