Design - Platform Consultancy

Platform design, building the right thing by building the thing right.

Our unique solution allows clients to visualise, design and deploy (or change) a platform proposition. From proposition, target operating model, execution delivery and solution architecture.

  • Proposition - A complete view of your existing or new proposition based upon our comprehensive market-ready platform build templates.
  • Target Operating Model - A map of your current and target organization, linked to the processes and procedures you need to operate your platform.
  • Delivery - A prioritised roadmap of platform deliverables with full traceability of requirements through to launch.
  • Architecture - A map of the individual components required to make up your complete platform solution.

Key Benefits

  • Facilitates and accelerates exploration and initial design of a low / no build MVP rapidly
  • Allows rapid and evolutionary creation of target platform delivery model – from definition and design through the entire delivery cycle
  • Defines Proposition and key Customer Journeys thus Competencies – based on business intent and target market(s)
  • Defines Clients Target Operating Model – and associated skilling, controls, processes and volumes
  • Defines Clients execution roadmap and create within JIRA – allowing seamless real-time visibility AND impact analysis on ToM and Competencies
  • Aligned to lean agile models, notably SAFe™
  • Unlike other tools – our model creates the 3D view of Proposition, ToM and Solution execution progression
  • Improved workforce capability
  • Accelerated time to market
  • Increased flexibility and scalability

What You Get

  • Experienced resources with quick turnarounds
  • A flexible workforce enabling project scaling