Vlog Videos

This page displays all of Dunstan Thomas’ vlogs. These vlogs, mostly presented by Director of Retirement Strategy Adrian Boulding, focus on a range of topics in the pensions market.

Pensions Market

Series 3

Generation X
Why Generation X are under saving for retirement

Treating Vulnerable Customers Fairly
As many as 50% will be vulnerable at some point

Slow & Steady Decumulation Wins
Lengthening of retirement journeys

The Money Pension Puzzle
Capturing value for money

Decumulation under the Microscope
Examining two key adviser fee models

Series 2

  1. RPI versus CPI indexing of pensions
    Does it make any difference?
  2. Pensions Dashboard
    Is a drag & drop function essential?
  3. Further tech innovations
    Are essential for helping millennials to prosper
  4. ESG considerations
    Set to take centre stage in pensions investment decision-making
  5. Tax Planning
    Tax planning's blurring of the lines

Series 1

  1. Trends to Blend Decumulation Income
  2. Taking a Deeper Dive into Blended Decumulation
  3. Exploring the DB to DC Pensions Transfer Market
  4. Building Retirement Journeys in the Digital Age
  5. SPA Gender Equalisation