Curtis Banks' Salary Sacrifice Pension Calculator a strong success

27 Jul 2022

Curtis Banks' Salary Sacrifice pension calculator page is now the second biggest driver of search engine traffic to the Curtis Banks website with over 2k visits per month. The pension calculator is usually holding the number 2 spot in Google search results, ahead of some of the top 5 investment organisations in the UK.

Developed collaboratively between Curtis Banks and Dunstan Thomas, the calculator can be accessed through the Curtis Banks website.

This calculator is designed to help individuals consider the potential impact of giving up some of their salary in return for a pension contribution. It aims to do this by considering the impacts on income tax and national insurance. For the salary sacrifice scenario, you are also able to specify the % of Employer NI savings that are given to the employee as increased pension contributions.

The calculator allows you to compare the following scenarios:

  • Relief at source
  • Net Pay/Salary Sacrifice
Salary Sacrifice Pension Calculator